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What if I wake up?


I have had so many bad dental experiences that I am terrified of the dentist. Now I have 5 root canals to be done and 2 cavities and he has suggested sedation and assures me I will feel no pain. Is this too good to be true and I am a easy gagger, what if I gag and wake up????I keep asking for dentures but they won't listen to me either.

Dr. Rechter: Sedation is a terrific tool for the highly anxious dental patient.  Oral sedation will allow you to be very relaxed.  In addition local anesthesia will be administered to get you numb and comfortable.  Most likely after the procedure you won't remember too much of the experience even though you will be awake and alert.  For those who dont want to know anything then IV sedation may be the preferred route.  Either way you can have a considerable amount of dentistry completed in fewer sessions.

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